I would highly recommend Simone’s services to anyone in need of direction and help conquering their fears to enable change and reach their full potential. Stuck in a rut career-wise, Simone empowered me to realise my goals and turn my life around. In particular I found her techniques and strategies extremely helpful in changing my negative beliefs which were holding me back. In addition, her professional and flexible approach (coaching via telephone or face-to-face) suited my busy working schedule perfectly. After just 6 sessions, I gained immense confidence in myself and found the courage to change my career from public relations to nursing. I’m now 5 months into my training and couldn’t be happier! I would definitely go back for further coaching in future.

- Janine Taylor

Simone has a very special gift! She empowers you to be a better human being through her experience and knowledge. She provides you with a ‘toolbox’ which you can use to take immediate control of your life. Whether you feel in trouble, uncertain about your future or just like something isn’t quite working in your life, this is where Simone’s gift kicks in. She has a unique ability to clear your mind and make you feel like you can reach any of your goals… and you know what? You actually begin to reach them one after another! That’s how powerful her ability is! Simone is the lighthouse I was looking for in order to be the best I can possibly be!

- Leonardo Rizzo

Simone never gives me answers. But what she always does is challenges and supports me to find my answers for myself!!! She has helped to remind me and constantly reinforces that I have the answers within and she nurtures my capacity to find them and my confidence to act on them. Working with her has been brilliant. The clarity and energy I have accessed after our sessions are unmatched.

- K A Pitt

Simone’s style of coaching is ‘zen’ like. She has an aura about her that is very soothing. The way she carries herself is very calm, collected and inspiring. I can see why anyone would want to work with her. There was never a moment of tension or anxiety. I couldn’t imagine such feelings in the air while working with Simone. She understands that this is so important to achieve the goals at hand and that it is really the only way it will be enjoyable. Or, that’s just her personality. Whatever the case, her style of coaching is one that should be modelled after.

- Alex Losardo

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