Get Clear On Where You’re Going


Have you ever felt that there’s just not enough time in the day? Most often, when we run out of time for projects or pursuits, the reason is that we’ve spent a lot of time lost in ambiguity.

When you’re supremely clear about where you’re heading with your business or project and what you want to do, there’s no time lost. Your actions are clear & precise, and you can make an AMAZING amount of progress in just a short period of time.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to eliminate the time-management nightmare.

1. Plan your work.

Take a few moments to determine where you’re going and how you plan to get there. You don’t have to know all the steps or details; just write down the basic outline as you can see it. Once the outline is clear, then you can get into the nitty gritty and gain more clarity.

2. Gather your resources.

Get your tools in order. Make sure you have food & water and anything else you need to get started. What do you need to do this job right? Which systems need to be in place? Get them.

3. Work your plan.

Give yourself a deadline, and then follow your outline step-by-step. If you get lost or distracted, come back to your outline and see what’s next. The most important part is continuing to take action.

Before long you will have a finished product or project, and have plenty of time to relax or do something else…like be inspired and meditate on your next project!

What are YOU going to do TODAY?

Leave a comment below and let me know ONE thing you will do today as a result of this article.